M4™ Handpiece

Endodontic Shaping

Endodontic Contra Angle

The M4 Safety™ handpiece is designed to guide hand files through the canals quickly, efficiently and effectively, in particular in case of calcified canals.

Available for Type E motors or cordless TC motors.

The M4 Safety handpiece can be used with every Type E motor, while the M4 TC2 is designed for use with cordless TC motors.

Compatible with most hand files.

Both handpieces are fitted with a special coupling that is compatible with most hand files.

Imitates left and right rotation.

The coupling is designed to oscillate with the handpiece during filing and imitates fast left and right rotation.

Reduces fatigue significantly.

The file glides smoothly and efficiently through the canal using very slight apical pressure. The clinician controls the pressure without having to perform left and right rotation manually. You will be delighted by the comfortable access, ease of operation, reduced fatigue and the efficiency of root canal preparation offered by the two handpieces – the M4 Safety and the M4 TC2.

M4 Handpiece

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