why is kerr

this year?

To celebrate our 125th anniversary, we’re giving smiles back to those who give them every day. From the humble beginnings of the Kerr brothers in 1891 to our shared vision of the future of dentistry today, we at Kerr want to honor those of you in the dental community and all that you do for our society, both inside—and outside—your practice.

How do I Nominate a dental professional?
Just complete this online form and submit your story; upload a photo, select a smile graphic, or add a video. Your story will be posted to our site as well as our social media pages (connect with us by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the page), allowing others to get to know your hero and why they’re recognized as a #givingsmiles125 honoree!

view all the honorees
This is where you’ll find the dental heroes who have been nominated for a #givingsmiles125 honor. If you have been nominated but don’t yet see your story posted, check back with us soon! All stories are internally reviewed before posting to givingsmiles125.com.

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