BUC Tips


Endodontic Ultrasonic Tips From Dr. Buchanan

BUC-1 and BUC-1A

The BUC-1 and BUC-1A can be used for gross dentin removal, moving access line angles, cutting a groove in the mesial access wall to drop in to MB2 canals, and for unroofing pulp chambers. Helpful in finding reclusive MB2s.

BUC-2 and BUC-2A

The BUC-2, with its disk-like radiused tip, can be used to plane attached pulp stones from the pulp chamber floor. In molars, it can be used to horizontally smooth the pulp chamber floor to get to the darker-colored dentin. Can be used for corners of molar access prep and bicuspid access prep.

BUC-3 and BUC-3A

The BUC-3 and BUC-3A are extremely active instruments with sharp tips. They are used for chasing canals halfway up a root or for digging around a post or carrier-based obturator to remove it. The water port is placed near the cutting surface of the tip. Use only at lowest power level.

BUC Tips

973-0401Ultrasonic Tip BUC 1
973-0402Ultrasonic Tip BUC 2
973-0403Ultrasonic Tip BUC 2A
973-0404Ultrasonic Tip BUC 3
973-0406Ultrasonic Tip BUC 1A
973-0407Ultrasonic Tip BUC 3A


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