Core Buildup

Resin Core Buildup System

CoreRestore 2 is indicated for composite core build-ups. 


27157Four-Cavity Mixing Wells 100 disposables
27511Kerr Applicatorspkg of 200 disposable - red and black, 100 each)
24680Kerr Applicatorspkg of 200 disposable - black


What is the full curing time for a restoration?

For a small restoration, it is approximately 3 minutes and for a large restoration it is approximately 8 minutes, depending on the quantity of the material.

Is CoreRestore a self-cure or a dual cure product?

It is dual cure material.

What is the difference between CoreRestore and NX3?

The Nexus technology is based more on adhesive properties. This means that NX3 is characterized by a lower viscosity to promote more flow and better adhesion to calcium. CoreRestore is based on Prodigy technology, which provides a more rigid and stronger composite. That is why CoreRestore is ideal for core build-up scenarios. NX3 dual-cure is filled 67% by weight compared to CoreRestore at 74% by weight.