Integra Alginate

Impression Materials

Dust Free, Fast Set Alginate

Integra™ is a very smooth creamy alginate that provides a quick oral record. It is a dust-free alginate that has a heavy body consistency and produces great detail for model reproduction. Integra alginate is packaged in economical poly-aluminum bags to eliminate moisture contamination and increase the shelf life of the product.

  • Dust free. Environmentally compatible.
  • Foil pouches. Eliminate moisture contamination and enhance shelf life.
  • Accurate detail. Excellent model reproduction.
  • Heavy-body consistency. Stays in tray easily

Fast Set

26755Introductory Pack- Fast SetContains: 6, 1 lb bags, 1 water vial, 1 powder scoop, 1 canister
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26757User Pack- Fast SetContains: 12, 1lb bags
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26758Powder scoop
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