ZIR-CUT™ HP Diamonds

Lab Rotary

Next Generation Instruments for Zirconia & Porcelain

Kerr Rotary introduces the next generation in cutting innovation.

The exclusive Z-Grit diamond and bonding technology reduces micro-fractures and helps the dentist and lab technician work efficiently with zirconia, ceramic, and all of today’s advanced materials. Its concentric design minimizes vibration for smooth cutting and finishing.


  • Z-Grit Technology. Prevents micro-fractures while adjusting porcelain or zirconia substructures
  • Specialty Shapes. Perfect for crown & bridge removal and creating endodontic access through aluminous oxide and zirconia copings.

Handpiece shapes are available individually.

ZIR-CUT™ Diamonds are manufactured for Kerr Corporation by Strauss & Co. Industrial Diamonds, Ltd.

Head Shape
Shank Type