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Sonic Activated, Bulk Fill Composite

Video of Kerr's sonic activated, bulk fill composite, SonicFill

  • True single-step, bulk fill procedure
  • Superior adaptability and handling
  • Low shrinkage with outstanding strength
  • No additional composite layer required
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SonicFill is the only easy to use, sonic-activated, bulk fill dental posterior composite system for restorations that requires no additional capping layer. Proprietary sonic activation enables a rapid flow of posterior composite into the cavity for effortless placement and superior adaptation. It's that fast, easy and effective - greatly reducing procedure time. Now you can go from placement to a polished restoration in less than 3 minutes.

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How Does it Work?

The unique SonicFill dental composite material contains a proprietary rheological modifier that reacts to sonic energy from the handpiece and causes the viscosity to drop almost 90% during extrusion. This viscosity drop allows the SonicFill posterior composite to rapidly flow into the cavity, providing effortless placement and superior adaptation. SonicFill places precisely and efficiently without bubbles or voids.

When the sonic energy is removed, the composite quickly returns to a non-slumping, sculptable state that is easy to handle and carve without being sticky.

Simply place a single increment of material, contour, cure for 20 seconds from the occlusal, 10 seconds from the buccal and lingual and polish. It really is that fast, efficient and profitable. No more "2mm protocol", multiple curing stages, additional capping layer, or esthetic compromises. And with SonicFill's superior strength, low shrinkage and high depth of cure, you can use it with complete confidence.


2013 Townie Choice Award
Dr. Bicuspid ��������������������������������������� Kerr���������������������������������������s SonicFill composite system was recognized as the ���������������������������������������Best New Material��������������������������������������� 2012 from the Dr. Bicuspid Dental Excellence Awards committee.
Pride Institute ��������������������������������������� Kerr���������������������������������������s SonicFill������������������������������������������ composite system was one of two ���������������������������������������Best of Class Technology��������������������������������������� 2011 winners in the emerging technology category awarded by the Pride Institute.
Townie Choice Award 2013 Dr. Bicuspid β€œBest New Material” Award 2012 Pride Institute β€œBest of Class Technology” Award 2011
REALITY Esthetics REALITY Publishing presented Kerrs SonicFill with its ���������������������������������������First Look��������������������������������������� award for excellence in a new product.
Dental Products Report  ��������������������������������������� SonicFill was recognized by Dental Products Report as a ���������������������������������������Top 100 Products��������������������������������������� of 2011.
Dentistry Today ��������������������������������������� SonicFill has been included in Dentistry Today's Annual Top 100 Products for 2012.
2012, 2013 Reality Esthetics β€œFirst Look” Award for Excellence in a New Product Dental Products Report β€œTop 100 Products” 2011 Dentistry Today β€œTop 100 Products” 2012

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