Dental Impression Material

Your Work Doesn’t End with Making an Impression, So Ours Doesn’t, Either.

Dental Impressions play a crucial role in the practice of restorative dentistry. However, a dental impression is a means to an end—a crown and bridge, an implant, a mouth guard—but not an end unto itself. The Kerr Impression product portfolio is built on the premise that impressions are nothing more, yet nothing less, than a link to your intended patient outcome, true satisfaction with their smile.

At Kerr, we know that the impression community includes a number of participants who are vested in the outcome. From the dental assistant to the lab technician, and from the patient to the dentist, each participant makes an important contribution towards attaining the final result and dental impression material is the means you choose to achieve it.

Together, we share a common goal: to help patients achieve their personal best in oral health. But, as a manufacturer of impression materials, Kerr must be nominated into the collaboration by the other members of the community every time.

Kerr's family of dental impression materials must succeed on numerous fronts to earn a trusted place in your practice: reliable impression material even in the most challenging oral environments; products with set times that meet any clinical need; products that are easy to use—and much, much more. We are determined to serve the best interests of each contributor, both functionally and practically. How? By offering products that keep each essential contributor in mind and by working hard to help each achieve their desired outcomes.

And while our day-to-day success is measured in accurate impressions—our greatest triumphs will always come from knowing we’ve helped you achieve yours. That’s why we are focused on the procedures you use these products. Select the procedure that you are interested in:

Final Impression Material

Kerr Take 1 Advanced - a high-performance dental impression material

Take 1 Advanced is a high-performance VPS dental impression material that has the optimum combination of physical properties: strength, elasticity, dimensional stability and the ability to register detail in any environment.

Preliminary Impression Material

Kerr AlgiNot, a high-quality impression material and reliable alginate alternative

AlgiNot is an extremely cost-effective, reliable alginate alternative. This high-quality impression material delivers exceptional accuracy and performance every time.

Other Impression Material Products:

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