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Kerr offers several restorative dental products. Explore our dental products to find the solution that works best with your individual style and technique.

SonicFill 2 Single-Fill Composite System
Kerr SonicFill for restorative dentistry procedures
Demi Ultra Curing Light

SonicFill™ 2
Single-Fill™ Composite System

Experience SonicFill 2, the sonic-activated composite system that transforms tedious, repetitive posterior restorations into easy and reliable SingleFill placements.
OptiBond XTR
Self-Etch, Light-Cure Universal Dental Bonding Agent

OptiBond™ XTR self-etch, light-cure universal dental adhesive stands apart as the only bonding agent that embodies both the power and durability of a total-etch adhesive and the simplified protocol of a self-etch technique.
 Demi Ultra
LED Ultracapacitor Curing Light System

The Demi Ultra Curing Light System is the first curing light to free dentists from both batteries and cords, while offering the unmatched performance and reliability of a Demetron curing light.
Kerr Nexus RMGI
Vertise Flow
Herculite Ultra Flow
Nexus RMGI
Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

As the first RMGI available with advanced Nexus™ Technology, Nexus RMGI provides an optimal gel state and 2-3 second tack cure capability to ensure easier cleanup each and every time.
Vertise Flow
Self-Adhering Flowable Composite

A self-adhering flowable composite which greatly simplifies direct restorative procedures by incorporating a bonding agent into a flowable, powered by Kerr's renowned OptiBond® technology.
Herculite Ultra Flow
Nanohybrid Flowable Composite

Featuring Smart Placement Technology, Herculite Ultra Flow flows easily when used as a base/liner and maintains its shape when used in small restorations.

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