TF™ Adaptive


TF Adaptive NiTi File System

TF Adaptive features Adaptive Motion Technology, which uses a patented feedback algorithm to change the motion of the file based on the applied load. As the stress increases or decreases, the motor responds accordingly, giving you the benefits of both rotary and reciprocation at exactly the right moment.

TF Adaptive files offer improved file durability, flexibility and better debris removal. The intuitive color-coded system is designed for efficiency and ease of use.


817-3007TF Adaptive Small Procedure Pack 27mm
817-4003TF Adaptive Med/Lrg Procedure Pack 23mm
817-4007TF Adaptive Med/Lrg Procedure Pack 27mm
817-4203TF Adaptive SM1 23mm
817-4207TF Adaptive SM1 27mm
817-4353TF Adaptive SM3 23mm
817-4357TF Adaptive SM3 27mm
817-4503TF Adaptive ML3 23mm
817-4507TF Adaptive ML3 27mm
817-6253TF Adaptive SM2 23mm
817-6257TF Adaptive SM2 27mm
817-6353TF Adaptive ML2 23mm
817-6357TF Adaptive ML2 27mm
817-8253TF Adaptive ML1 23mm
817-8257TF Adaptive ML1 27mm

Gutta Percha

815-1540TF Adaptive Gutta Percha Small Yellow Pack - SM2 50 pack
815-1541TF Adaptive Gutta Percha Small Red Pack - SM3 50 pack
815-1542TF Adaptive Gutta Percha Small Asst Pack - SM2, SM3 50 pack
815-1543TF Adaptive Gutta Percha Medium/Large Green Pack - ML1 50 pack
815-1544TF Adaptive Gutta Percha Medium/Large Yellow Pack - ML2 50 pack
815-1545TF Adaptive Gutta Percha Medium/Large Red Pack - ML3 50 pack
815-1546TF Adaptive Gutta Percha Medium/Large Asst Pack - ML1, ML2, ML3 50 pack


815-1551TF Adaptive Obturator Small Red Pack - SM3
815-1554TF Adaptive Obturator Medium/Large Green Pack - ML1
815-1555TF Adaptive Obturator Medium/Large Yellow Pack - ML2
815-1556TF Adaptive Obturator Medium/Large Red Pack - ML3


815-1552Pack - ML3 TF Adaptive Verifier Small Yellow Pack - SM2
815-1553TF Adaptive Verifier Small Red Pack - SM3
815-1557TF Adaptive Verifier Medium/Large Green Pack - ML1
815-1558TF Adaptive Verifier Medium/Large Yellow Pack - ML2
815-1559TF Adaptive Verifier Medium/Large Red Pack - ML3

Bulk Obturators

815-1561TF Adaptive Bulk Obturator Small Red Pack - SM3
815-1563TF Adaptive Bulk Obturator Medium/Large Yellow Pack - ML2
815-1564TF Adaptive Bulk Obturator Medium/Large Red Pack - ML3

Paper Points

815-1570TF Adaptive Paper Points Small Yellow Pack - SM2
815-1571TF Adaptive Paper Points Small Red Pack - SM3
815-1572TF Adaptive Paper Points Medium/Large Green Pack - ML1
815-1573TF Adaptive Paper Points Medium/Large Yellow Pack - ML2
815-1574TF Adaptive Paper Points Medium/Large Red Pack - ML3
815-1575TF Adaptive Paper Points Small Asst Pack - SM2, SM3
815-1576TF Adaptive Paper Points Medium/Large Asst Pack - ML1, ML2, ML3


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Improve Your Root Canal Preparations with Adaptive Motion Technology
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During root canal preparations, clinicians may experience a variety of challenges. However, there are several difficulties that have the potential to be solved using adaptive motion technology, including file separation and file “pull-in” effect.