HiLusterPLUS™ Polishing System

Finishing and Polishing

Great features:

  • High gloss results in only 2 steps with a system based on the Identoflex technology, meeting the highest standards
  • Optimum flexibility of the polishing matrix for excellent adaptation to the restoration
  • Pre- and gloss-polishing in one step by efficient GlossPLUS Polisher with integrated aluminium oxide particles
  • Outstanding final result, achieving the highest aesthetic demands thanks to diamond particles integrated into the HiLusterPLUS Dia Polisher.

Proven and efficient:

  • High durability of the polishers thanks to the proven Identoflex technology.
Head Shape
Shank Type

Clinical images


HiLuster-Plus-Polishing04 Flame Part. No. 2651

HiLuster-Plus-Polishing05 Minipoint Part. No. 2652

HiLuster-Plus-Polishing06 Cup Part. No. 2653

HiLuster-Plus-Polishing07 Disc Part. no. 2654

HiLuster-Plus-Polishing08 Flame Part. No. 2661

HiLuster-Plus-Polishing09 Minipoint part. No. 2662

HiLuster-Plus-Polishing10 Cup Part. No. 2663

HiLuster-Plus-Polishing11 Disc Part. No. 2664