Finishing and Polishing

The high performing disc is now even easier to choose!

  • Translucent disc. Enhanced working surface visibility.
  • Flexible. Thin disc allows for greater disc flexibility.
  • Long-lasting. Made of durable polyester impregnated with aluminium oxide particles.
  • Precise. Flush-mounted mandrel and patented retention system ensure precise operation, protecting neighbouring teeth from scarring and tissue damage.
  • Ready to use abrasive layer. Uncoated cutting edges for high efficiency from the start.

Patented mandrel design

  • Special coated mandrel is placed below the surface of the disc, for protection against scarring of the restoration and better handling.
  • Optimal torque transmission to disc, no sliding and not rpm sensitive.
  • Shorter mandrel Facilitates access to posterior and other restricted areas.

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4188OptiDisc™ Mini Kit 12.6mm (120 pcs)Contents: ø 12.6mm: 30 x extra-coarse; 30 x coarse; 30 x fine; 30 x extra-fine; 3 x standard mandrels; 2 x short mandrels; 1 x OptiShine
4190OptiDisc™ Assorted kit 15.9mm (80 pcs)Contents: ø 15.9mm: 20 x extra-coarse; 20 x coarse; 20 x fine; 20 x extra-fine
4200OptiDisc™ General Assorted Kit 9.6mm, 12.6mm (240 pcs)Contents: ø 9.6mm: 30 x extra-coarse; 30 x coarse; 30 x fine, 30 x extra-fine. ø 12.6mm: 30 x extra-coarse; 30 x coarse; 30 x fine; 30 x extra-fine; 3 x standard mandrels; 2 x short mandrels; 1 x OptiShine

Refill Packs

4181OptiDisc™ Coarse/Medium 9.6mm (100 pcs)
4182OptiDisc™ Fine 9.6mm (100 pcs)
4183OptiDisc™ Extra-Fine 9.6mm (100 pcs)
4184OptiDisc™ Coarse/Medium 12.6mm (100 pcs)
4185OptiDisc™ Fine 12.6mm (100 pcs)
4186OptiDisc™ Extra-Fine 12.6mm (100 pcs)
4191OptiDisc™ Coarse/Medium 15.9mm (100 pcs)
4192OptiDisc™ Fine 15.9mm (100 pcs)
4193OptiDisc™ Extra-Fine 15.9mm (100 pcs)
4197OptiDisc™ Extra-Coarse 9.6mm (80 pcs)
4198OptiDisc™ Extra-Coarse 12.6mm (80 pcs)
4199OptiDisc™ Extra-Coarse 15.9mm (80 pcs)


195OptiDisc™ standard mandrel (5 pcs)
196OptiDisc™ short mandrel (5 pcs)

Aesthetic restorations

Why is it ideal for aesthetic restorations?

Finishing is critical to obtain proper contour and occlusion, healthy embrasure and smooth surfaces that blend aesthetically into the tooth’s natural shape. This is why it is so important in aesthetic restorations.

The OptiDisc system allows your restorations to obtain a final result equal to that of natural dentition. It assists you from contouring to finishing through the different colour coded grit levels available.


How does it do this?

OptiDisc: Shorter madrel

The shorter mandrel and the discs' bendability allow you to reach posterior and other restricted areas with ease.

OptiDisc: Transparent Material

The transparent material affords great visibility of the working area, for extra precise finishing.

OptiDisc: patented mandrel

The active side is easy to recognise and the patented mandrel locks below the surface of the disc, protecting your restoration against scarring and scratching, and giving you better and safer handling.

Simplified procedures

Why does it simplify the dental procedure?

OptiDisc are ready to use and allow you to reach all areas with ease, maintaining great visibility while aiming for extra precision in your finishing and polishing.

How does it do this?



No extra adhesive coating: once it's fixed, it's ready to use!



Bendable and transparent.



The patented shorter mandrel design protects the tooth from scratching and scarring.



The colour coded system allows you to easily identify the appropriate grit level based on your procedural needs.