Die Spacers™, Die Sealers™, Die Hardeners™

Dental Lab Solutions

Advanced chemistry has been developed from our existing range of spacers to emphasise outstanding physical properties. Finer filler particles have been combined with a less aggressive solvent, which presents a more stable and user-friendly formula. The surface is smooth, dense and much harder than our original formulation. The time between each layer application has been dramatically reduced, saving time and cost.

Die Spacers Die Sealers Die Hardeners

62750Classic Cement Spacer Blue 15ml (20µm)
62751Classic Cement Spacer Grey 15ml (20μm)
62760Classic Model Hardener/Spacer Clear 15ml (03μm)
62761Die Sealer/Hardener Clear 15ml (00μm)
62762Die Spacer Thinners 15ml (00μm)

Carbide Margin Trimming Bur

013-310Carbide Margin Trimming Bur


014-711Blockout Wax, 2oz (40g) Tin

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Die Spacers, Sealers And Hardeners Advanced Formula


1.Ditch Below the Margin. Use the Carbide Margin Trimming Bur to create a ditch below the margin line for dipped wax coping adaptation and margin line access.


2.Line the Margin. After ditching the margin, use the Red or Blue Margin Liner to mark the marginal periphery of the die. This will help you see the margin finish line when the wax pattern is being trimmed.


3.Apply Die Hardener Below the Margin Line.


4.Apply Die Hardener Above the Margin Line.


5.Apply First Relief Coat.


6.Apply Additional Relief Coats as Needed.


7. Apply Blockout Wax.


Kerr Die Spacers
A Kerr Educational video presented by Master Dental Technician David M. Zielinski.