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EmPower™ Fragrance Free

Dental Instrument Reprocessing

Enzymatic Cleaning Concentrate

Enzymatic cleaning concentrate for dental aspirating units and washer-disinfectors

EmPower™ Fragrance Free is a dual enzymatic cleaning concentrate designed for dental instrument reprocessing in dental washer disinfectors, as well as for use as a cleaning concentrate for dental aspirating units. The dual enzymatic formulation is highly effective in removing organic bio-burden, including blood tissue, mucous or protein-rich fluids, while leaving your instruments and equipment clean and shiny. Its pH neutral low-foaming formulation makes it uniquely suited for the removal of biofilm from within the hoses of aspirating units.

Translucent bottle for easy visual inspection of product usage.

  • Empower Fragrance Free is sold in gallon units, i.e. 3,8 liter bottles
  • Empower Fragrance Free is diluted to 1% - 1 bottle makes 380 liters of ready-to-use solution
  • Dilution 1:128
  • Minimum exposure time is 1 minute at 20-40 C degrees


EmPower™ Fragrance Free

10-4700EmPower™ Fragrance Free


  • Free of fragrance and perfect for users who are respiratory-sensitive or prefer an odorless product.
  • Excellent Cleaning Power – Loosens and cleans lipids, starches, inorganic debris, and protein fluids fast.
  • 3 in 1 Multi-Application – Versatile to be used as manual presoak, in ultrasonics, automated washers, and evacuation systems
  • Instrument Friendly – Neutral pH formulation is safe on instruments and reduces the need for manual scrubbing that may be abrasive on instruments
  • Economical – An effective and versatile enzymatic cleaner that is compatible to multiple materials/instruments and can be used in all types of water
  • Low-foaming formula is ideal for use in automated machines


Protect what Matters


Instrument reprocessing is a delicate yet major focus for your practice.

Simple precautions - such as pre-soaking and using patented pouches - can go a long way in adding certainty to your reprocessing and sterilisation procedures.

How can you protect what matters?

EmPower™ Fragrance Free is a dual enzymatic cleaning concentrate effective as a pre-soak solution and for ultrasonic cleaning.


  • Prevents fresh debris from drying on instruments.
  • Moistens debris that has already dried.
  • Leaves your instruments clean and shiny.


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