X-Ray™ Film and Phosphor Plate Holders

X-ray Holders

Clear radiographs are essential to diagnosis. The better the technology, the better the radiographs and the more precise the diagnosis.
The advantages of Hawe Solutions for X-rays are clear enough to see

  • Exact positioning of the film or phosphor plate relative to the tooth – no bending and thus no distortion.
  • No ocular guesswork – exclusive, automatic reliance on the extraoral aiming and centring device.
  • Reproducible images (quasi standardisation).
  • Optimally clear radiographs.

Improving the quality

  • Constant X-ray quality over time – no matter who takes the radiographs.

Increased profitability

  • Simplicity of the system in use – saving time.
  • Delegation possible to hygienists.

Uses the most modern technology

  • Special holders (colour-coded) for different types of radiograph.
  • Compatibility with all X-ray tubes.

X-Ray Film and Phosphor Plate Holders Testset

1720X-Ray Film and Phosphor Plate Holders TestsetContents: 6 x X-ray holders with ring (1 x Kwik-Bite; 1 x Super-Bite Anterior; 1 x Super-Bite Posterior; 1 x Paro-Bite; 1 x Endo-Bite Anterior; 1 x Endo-Bite Posterior); 6 x Centring Devices