Tissue Management

Temporary Gingival Retraction System

Expasyl, an alternative to a dental retraction cord, is a viscous paste used for all procedures requiring gingival retraction including: impressions, seating of restorations, fitting rubber dams, and restoring class II, III, and V cavities. Now in strawberry flavor, you get the same great dental tissue management qualities—excellent hemostasis and atraumatic gingival retraction—with a pleasant new taste. Plus a new high-value intro kit includes the lightweight ergonomic gun, new curved tips, and 60% more material than the original.

Unlike a dental retraction cord, you need little or no pressure to apply Expasyl, which greatly minimizes the risk of rupturing the epithelial attachment and enhances patient comfort. Expasyl is extruded directly into the sulcus where it holds its rigidity to create space between the tooth and the tissue, much like retraction cord. Bleeding and crevicular seepage are controlled through the presence of aluminum chloride, which also shrinks epithelial tissue—further expanding the sulcus.

  • Excellent retraction. Physically displaces tissue for superb marginal access.
  • Safe. Minimal pressure required. No danger of rupturing epithelial attachment.
  • Significant timesavings. Places quickly.
  • Comfortable. Much less time and force needed than with packing cord.
  • Hemostatic. Controls bleeding and crevicular seepage.
  • Won't dry out. New foil pouch for the capsules.


32379Expasyl Starter Kit Contains:6 Capsules Retraction Paste (1 g each - 6 g total), 12 Applicator Tips and 1 Manual Applicator
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34618Expasyl Strawberry Premium Kit Contains: 10 Capsules Expasyl Strawberry Retraction Paste (1 g each - 10 g total), 40 Curved Applicator Tips and 1 Manual Applicator
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31172Expasyl RefillsCapsules (pkg of 10)- United States Only
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34619Expasyl Strawberry RefillsCapsules (pkg of 20)
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34620 Expasyl Strawberry RefillsCapsules (pkg of 10)
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31173Applicator Tipspkg of 40
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32264Applicator Tipspkg of 100
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33167Manual Applicator
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34621Curved Applicator Tipspkg of 40
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34622Curved Applicator Tips pkg of 100
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"Expasyl has changed the way I practice dentistry. It has completely replaced the use of packing chord while giving superior results in my final impressions. It also reduces patient discomfort and improves tissue recovery."
Dr. Michael Apa

“With Expasyl, I have the ability to completely control the field for meticulous and precise bonding of my veneers every time. I cannot imagine seating veneers and cosmetic work without this in my armamentarium."
Dr. Scott Parker

“Expasyl provides just enough tissue deflection and sulcular fluid control to take a flawless impression for laminate veneers...and during cementation, if the etchant irritates the tissue and causes some bleeding, Expasyl is indispensable in controlling the soft tissue around the margins during veneer placement...one of the best tissue management tools in my practice!”
Dr. Robert A. Lowe

"Expasyl has made my dentistry much easier.  Not only do I get great retraction using Expasyl, but the hemostatic agent (Aluminum Chloride) works very well. For cosmetics, I am not concerned of the aluminum chloride interfering with bonding like some hemostatic agents on the market. Also, I am not worried of traumatizing the gingival tissue in the esthetic zone when using Expasyl."
Ara Nazarian DDS, DICOI

"Expasyl enables me to capture accurate impressions quickly without trauma to the tissue. Gingival health in anterior indirect cases is vital and Expasyl saves time and reduces trauma that potentially can be associated with packing cord. The clay-like hemostatic material of Expasyl controls bleeding, reduces moisture, stays where applied, and has an acceptable taste; all leading to a positive impression experience for the practitioner and the patient.  Expasyl is my material of choice with indirect anterior cases to help me obtain predictable, accurate impressions the first time, every time."
Dr. Greg Gillespie