Optilux 501

Dental Curing Lights

Halogen Curing Light

Considered the gold standard of curing lights, the Optilux 501 is the premier halogen curing light designed by Demetron® and is engineered to polymerize adhesives and composite materials. The Optilux 501 has a variety of features not found in other curing lights including a self-diagnostic system, bulb-life indicator, LCD 4- digit radiometer display, built-in radiometer, volume control, ramp, boost, bleach and many other time selection modes as well as a count-up timer in all modes. This halogen curing light is equipped with the extended life 80-Watt Optibulb and includes both the 8 mm turbo and 11 mm standard light guides.

  • Compatibility. Cures all light-curable dental materials on the market.
  • Four curing modes. Provides the ultimate in versatility.
  • Built-in radiometer. Accurately measures light.
  • Long-lasting bulb. The 80w OptiBulb has a rated life of 50 hours
  • Interchangeable light guides. Accepts all Demetron light guides. 


910070Optilux 501 (100-120v)Contains: 1 Light Guide - 8 mm Turbo + (#952213), 1 Accessory 11 mm Curved Light Guide (#20898), and 1 Protective Light Shield (#20816)
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Light Guides

2063011 mm Curved Hanger (11 mm x 75 mm)
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2081213 mm Curved (13 mm x 84 mm)
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2089811 mm Curved (11 mm x 75 mm)
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209418 mm Curved (8 mm x 70 mm)
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209452 mm Curved (2 mm x 70 mm)
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210208 mm Curved Turbo (8 mm x 70 mm)
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211854 mm Curved Turbo (4 mm x 77 mm)
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9215358 mm Curved Amber
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92155111 mm Curved Turbo
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9217468 mm Curved Turbo+ Extended
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9522138 mm Curved Turbo+
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20399Hardness Disks, 3mmpkg of 6
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20816Protective Light Shield
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21237OptiBulb Lamp Replacement Halogen - 80w
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30257Optilux 500, 501Fuse (1.6 amp)
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921271Optilux 500, 501Mounting Bracket Kit
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953021Optilux 500, 501Power Cord
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Looking at the keypad, what does the R, B, and C stand for?
  • R is for ramp curing. 100-1,000mW/cm2 in 10 seconds, and over 1,000 mW/cm2 for the last 10 seconds
  • B is our boost mode. Using the 8mm turbo + light guide, your output will exceed 1,000 mW/cm2
  • C is our continuous mode. The light will remain on with a beep every 10 seconds until the trigger is pulled
In the boost mode, what is my cure time?

We recommend using the hardness disk which was enclosed with your light. Our findings were 4.69mm of composite were cured in 10 seconds using Prodigy.

What is a hardness disk?

This disk is made of a barcol hardness of 75 which Is the acceptable bottom hardness of a well cured restoration. The disk is 3mm deep. Express your composite in one of the apertures and cure for 10 seconds. Reverse the disk, and using a sharp carbide carver scratch both the bottom of the composite and the disk. Compare hardness. If the composite is cured, they will feel the same.

Will the Optilux 501 cure all composites?

Yes, the bandwidth is between 400 and 515 nanometers.


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OptiLux 501 - Instructions for Use
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