NX3 Nexus™ Third Generation & OptiBond™ XTR

NX3 XTR cementation system blends the versatility of NX3 Nexus™ Third Generation Universal Dental Cement with the adhesion superiority of OptiBond™ XTR Self-Etch, Universal Dental Bonding Agent for a new standard of permanent cementation for all esthetic materials. Product features include:

  • Effortless removal
  • Superior color stability
  • High adhesion
  • Minimal post-op sensitivity.


35617NX3 XTR Cementation SystemContains: 1 NX3 dual-cure syringe (Clear) (5ml), 1 OptiBond XTR Primer Bottle (5ml), 1 OptiBond XTR Adhesive Bottle (5ml)
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OptiBond XTR has simplified my CEREC cementation protocol in many ways. No Etch, no sensitivity, and very easy to use.
Ernest Johnson, DDS Cerec Mentor
As I've progressively moved closer to using self-etch products exclusively, I've wanted one that had universal applications to simplify our bonding protocols. OptiBond XTR fills that void.
Michael DiTolla, DDS
NX3 is by far the easiest resin cement to utilize clinically for all ceramic restorations. The gel phase allows appropriate amount of time for proper removal of excess cement, while its bond strengths make this product the leader in the industry.
Dr. Armen Mirzayan, Cerecdoctors.com Co-founder
Color stability, ease-of-use and cleanup, color match and optimum retention are some of the attributes necessary when choosing a cement - NX3 met all of these expectations.
Dr. Mitch A. Conditt
OptiBond XTR has changed the way I look at self etching adhesives. Finally, we have a self etching adhesive that we can use with confidence in all applications.
Scott Parker, DDS
OptiBond XTR allows me to consolidate all of my adhesive needs into one system with increased bond strength and no sensitivity, which also saves me time.
Steve Poss, DDS


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NX3 XTR - Universal Cement and Self-Etch Universal Adhesive
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