A system of products

From direct composites to root canals to room prep, we know everything has to work cohesively to complete your day successfully. With a variety of patients creating diverse challenges for you and your staff, it’s a comfort to have a helping hand. At Kerr, we partner with you to keep patients happy by providing systems of products that cover a wide range of procedures.

Select a Procedure

Direct Restoration

Here at Kerr, we know that direct procedures require multiple technological solutions. That’s why we’ve created a robust family of universal composites with a variety of different handling characteristics and property values. From traditional placements like amalgams and universal composites to innovative breakthroughs like bulk-fill, we have all your needs covered. In fact, we’ve been the leader in amalgams by providing consistent, long-lasting restorations. For each step, our product offerings efficiently complete the procedure from prep design to bonding and composite handling to cure options. Depending on the patient’s esthetics, treatment plans, and overall restorative goals, we have the following tools to handle it all.


Universal Composite