BluWhite Diamonds™


BluWhite Diamonds cut faster and clean easier than other leading manufacturers due to the unique grit application process, which helps reduce clogging and improves cutting efficiency. BluWhite diamonds offer a wide selection of shapes and grits which feature unique extra coarse diamond particles (40% larger than competitors.) BluWhite diamonds are a great option for any operative or prosthodontic procedure time after time.

  • Unique diamond application process ensures excellent diamond particle retention and cutting surface throughout multiple uses
  • A wide selection of grit sizes, including Extra Coarse for rapid gross reduction
  • Wide selection of shapes to accommodate any clinical indication or prep design
  • Outstanding cutting efficiency reduces chatter and instrument wear and tear
  • Available in Friction Grip or Short Shank, 5 per pack
Head Shape
Shank Type

Kit Components

Grit / Color Band / Microns
Compo Ultra Fine Grit / Violet / 17-23
Compo Fine / Yellow / 34-40
Super Fine / Yellow / 44-62
Fine / Red / 74–88
Regular / Blue / 105-125
Coarse / Green / 125-149
Extra Course / Black / 177-250
Compo Ultra Fine / Violet / 17-23


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