Lead X-ray Apron without collar


Lead X-ray Aprons provide protection for patients from secondary radiation during intra-oral radiography. The lead X-ray apron drapes comfortably over the patient and the corduroy backing prevents it from slipping off the patient. These lead X-ray aprons are easy to clean with a vinyl front and durable stain-resistant binding.

Adult size measurements: 23" width x 26" length. Length measured from neckline.

Each X-ray apron weighs 5 lbs 10 oz.


We'll recycle your old x-ray apron for you! Learn more here.


31401Lead Adult X-ray Apron without collarBlue
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31404Lead Adult X-ray Apron without collarBeige
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31405DXLead Adult X-ray Apron without collarGray
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