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A system of products

From direct composites to root canals to room prep, we know everything has to work cohesively to complete your day successfully. With a variety of patients creating diverse challenges for you and your staff, it’s a comfort to have a helping hand. At Kerr, we partner with you to keep patients happy by providing systems of products that cover a wide range of procedures.

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Direct Restoration Procedures

Direct restoration procedures involve multiple technological solutions in order to ensure a successful outcome.

However, we understand these procedures can be both repetitive and time consuming. This is why Kerr Restoratives has created a robust family of direct restoration products that combines ease of use, aesthethics, handling, comfort and high-tech, whatever the technique you are using.

Aesthetic direct dental restorations

A good restoration is no longer enough. Your patients want an enviable, natural looking smile, and you want consistent quality of work.

But can you achieve all this in one, uncomplicated procedure?

Check out our ultimate video guide to aesthetic restorations: all you need from tooth preparation to polymerisation.

Teeth Cleaning
Field Preparation
OptiBond™ XTR
Final Polymerisation
Demi™ ultra
Finishing and Polishing
Finishing and Polishing

What’s better than success after a most complex procedure? Knowing that it is not a one-off!

We have some great advice on how to carry out a complete tooth reconstruction with a consistent procedure, from root canal all the way to final restoration.

Root Canal Shaping
TF™ Adaptive
Root Canal Irrigation
Endovac Pure™
Root Canal Obturation
Dental Bonding
Optibond™ All-in-one
Core Build Up
Sonicfill™ 2
Permanent Cementation
Maxcem Elite™ Chroma
Finishing and Polishing