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Prof. Angelo Putignano

The Styleitaliano Conservative Advantages: The WINNER modern DENTISTRY for everybody

Hands on
- 22 - 23 sep 2023
In the last ten years composite materials made dentistry more conservative. Nevertheless techniques become more difficult to realize with a complex treatment plan and new concepts to learn. The reliability of adhesive techniques and the increased aesthetic requirements of the patients impose the... Lire plus...
Adj.Prof. Phillipe Sleiman

Re-establishing the biological order in Endodontics

Hands on
- 13 - 14 oct 2023
This hands-on course will be about the new standards in Root canal treatment. Details about the latest heat-treated files and the clinical applications. Irrigation and how to reach 0 bacteria level in root canal treatment. CBCT and DTX clinic software, you don’t treat what you don’t see. CBCT is... Lire plus...
Prof. Bart Van Meerbeek

#5 Bonding without compromise

- 27 oct 2023
This lecture:
· aims to provide an update on modern adhesive technology to directly restore teeth.
· will discuss the two main bond-degradation pathways, water sorption and enzymatic biodegradation, on their (clinical) relevance
· will give special attention to the newest... Lire plus...
#6 Single- or Multiple- visit root canal therapy

#6 Single- or Multiple- visit root canal therapy

- 10 nov 2023
Endodontic therapy can be conducted in either a single visit or multiple appointments. The impact of the number of sessions required for completing the procedure remains a controversial subject, with varying opinions regarding the relative risks and benefits of each approach.
This... Lire plus...
Dr. Maximilian Justus Dobbertin

Masterclass: create natural tooth morphology on anterior & posterior restoration

Hands on
- 17 - 18 nov 2023
In this course, you will learn how to create anatomy followed by a stratification of Anterior & Poster teeth on the model. Participants will also learn update scientific backgrounds of direct & indirect restoration with dental composite based on a literature review. In addition, our... Lire plus...
Prof. Joseph Sabbagh DDS, MSc, PhD, HDR, FICD

#7 Bulk-fill composites: a 10 years clinical update

- 24 nov 2023

Filling posterior cavities using resin composites has always been a challenging task for dentists looking for a fast and reliable technique.
The concept of bulk fill is not new in restorative dentistry, many products have been used in layers of 4-5 mm since more than ten... Lire plus...