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Envista Summit

Envista Summit Barcelona 2024

- 9 - 11 mai 2024
The Envista Summit is designed to help you rise to the next level of dentistry innovation. Whether you are in Orthodontics, Implantology, Endodontics, or General Dentistry, we have hands-on sessions and keynotes to help you take your career to the next level.
With the support of Envista’s 30... Lire plus...
Dr Ahmed Tadfi BDS, BSc

Posterior composite solutions for everyday dentistry

- 22 Mar 2024
In this webinar Dr Tadfi will aim to discuss the latest composite and their general properties. He will talk about bonding systems and what he uses in his daily practice. An outline of composite placement protocol including the steps for carrying out predictable direct composites in daily... Lire plus...
Dr. Maciej Mikołajczyk DDS, PhD

Minimally invasive endodontic treatment – biomechanical approach to root canal preparation

- 19 avr 2024
This webinar thoroughly examines minimally invasive protocols in endodontics, covering access opening, canal entrance exploring, and preparation methods. Emphasizing the necessity of proper preparation before shaping root canals, discuss challenges in establishing working length and the impact of... Lire plus...
Dr. Mohamed Jamal DDS, CAGS, MSD, DScD, FRCD(C)

Digital tools to manage complex endodontic cases

- 7 juin 2024
Recent advances in diagnostic and digital assisted tools (such as CBCT, micro-CT, Nano CT, 3D rendering, and printing), are allowing clinicians to make informed decisions to plan and manage complex endodontic cases such as teeth with complex root canal anatomy, separated instrument, pulp canal... Lire plus...
Dr. Sanja Štefančić, DMD, MSc, PhD

Strategies and technique for achieving aesthetic results in Diastema closure

- 30 aoû 2024
In the evolving field of aesthetic dentistry, the precise artistry of diastema closure through direct composite bonding has gained prominence. This discussion explores intricate strategies, emphasizing direct composite use for visually pleasing diastema closure. Success hinges on a personalized... Lire plus...
Dr. Ajay Juneja, B.D.S, M.D.S.

Ceramic veneers: protocol for minimal preparation and predictable bonding

- 20 sep 2024
Since centuries there has been a desire to look better and nicer. We all know that the smile is the biggest contrast on the human face and that makes it even more important to harmonize with the face. Though there is a never ending marketing machine to have whiter teeth and brighter teeth, but we... Lire plus...
Dr. Agne Malisauskiene, DMD

Easy steps for polishing your composites

- 11 oct 2024
This webinar will provide a comprehensive exploration of the step-by-step sequence in composite polishing. Delving into the realm of anterior restorations, the session will cover a spectrum of cases, including small class III and large class IV restorations, as well as composite veneer finishing... Lire plus...
Dr.Didier Dietschi, DMD, PhD

Interceptive and selective treatment using no-prep & ultra-conservative adhesive techniques: the missing protocols in tooth wear management

- 22 nov 2024
Erosion, awake and sleep bruxism are widely spread disorders; resulting tooth structure attrition and erosion not only affect oral health and function but also have detrimental impact on esthetics. The growing incidence of these pathologies mandates early diagnosis so that proper preventive or at... Lire plus...
Prof. Dr. Mariano Simón Pedano De Piero

Root Canal Obturation anno 2024

- 13 déc 2024
Root canal obturation, a critical phase in endodontic therapy, has witnessed significant advancements in recent years. One of the forefront developments, is the introduction of bioceramic sealers, which seem to offer superior biocompatibility, sealing ability, and antibacterial properties... Lire plus...