Elements Diagnostic Unit™

Endodontic Diagnosis

Electronic Pulp Tester and Apex Locator

The convenience and accuracy of a high quality pulp teste and an apex locator in one system. In addition, the satellite unit brings critical data into your field of vision.

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  • Auto-power off conserves battery life
  • Full-range audio speakers eliminate annoying beeps
  • Nonglare tilt screen with digital and graphical feedback
  • Autoclavable medical-grade cords and connectors
  • Probes are gold plated to resist micro-corrosion
  • Automatic calibration for a moreaccurate diagnosis
  • Advanced battery technology for longest life between charges
  • Vitality Scanner provides pain-free electric pulp testing and accurate analysis in the presence of EDTA, sodium hypochlorite, blood, saline, water and hydrogen peroxide

Element Diagnostic Unit

973-0300Element Diagnostic Unit
973-0302Charge Adapter
973-0303Satellite with Satellite Cord
973-0304Elements Patient Lead Cord
973-0305Battery Pack
973-0307Bifurcated Probe
973-0308Vitality Probe
973-0309Crown Test Tip
973-031File Clip
973-0311Elements Patient Lead Cord
973-0313Lip Hook
973-0320Elements Diagnostic Unit