LA Axxess™ Drills


Endodontic Access Kit

Designed by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, the LA Axxess™ instruments optimise access preparations. The new LA Axxess diamond drill was designed for use with high-speed handpieces (FG) and makes the job even easier. Non-cutting parabolic tips ensure perfectly cut access preparations without ledges or irregularities and reduce the risk of file breakage. In straight canals, our instruments can be used for canal access to shape the coronal part in seconds. All the burs you need for initial access preparation are available in a single kit.



815-1400LA Axxess KitKit contains 2 drills each per shape
815-1404LA Axxess 2.0 KitKit contains 2 drills each per shape

LA Axxess Diamond Refill

LA Axxess Diamond Drill
815-1415 LA Axxess Diamond Drill6 per pack
Diamnond N°2
815-1418Diamnond N°2 (5 per pack)
Flame-shaped Diamond
815-1419Flame-shaped Diamond 5 per pack
Long Tapered Diamond
815-1420Long Tapered Diamond 5 per pack
Extra Long Tapered Diamond-
815-1421Extra Long Tapered Diamond- 5 per pack