Prophy Pastes

One Step Prophy-Paste

Cleanic is the only one step prophy-paste that guarantees your patient outstanding cleaning & polishing results with low abrasion of enamel and dentine in a one-step procedure. That’s because of the clinically proven integrated abrasion variability of natural perlite particles.

Cleaning prophy paste is available in tube, single doses or Jar/Cartridge:

  • Tube: three tastes (Mint, Green Apple and Berries) and a Light version without flavouring substances and artificial colourants
  • Single doses in Mint flavour with fluoride
  • Jar/Cartridge in Mint flavour with and without fluoride

Recommended application with Pro-Cups and Paste carriers.

RDA: 27 – REA: 3.4


Cleanic™ in Jar with Fluoride

3110Cleanic Refill Cartridge, with fluorideCartridge 200 g, with fluoride (0.15% fluoride as CaF)
3130Cleanic jar with fluoride 100 gCartridge 100 g, with fluoride (0.15% fluoride as CaF)


3190Cleanic Collection Kit3 x 100 g Cleanic tubes with Fluoride (Mint, Green Apple and Light flavours), a reusable transparent bag, a Tube Squeeze

Cleanic™ without fluoride Intro Kit

3210Cleanic Refill Cartridge, without fluorideCartridge 200 g, without fluoride
3230Cleanic jar without fluoride, 100 gCartridge 100 g, without fluoride

Cleanic™ Single Dose with fluoride

3140Cleanic™ Single Dose with fluorideContents: 200 x prophy paste individual 2g portions; 3 x Ring Pots. Contains 0.10% fluoride (NaF)

How does it work

During the initial seconds of use, the Cleanic prophy paste exerts a high cleaning power that converts into a gentle polishing action as the Perlite particles fragment.

With the use of a one step prophy-paste treatment time is significantly reduced.









Clinical images


Application Berry Burst with Pro-Cup


Application Green Apple with Pro-Brush


Cleanic™ Cleaning And Polishing In 1 Step


Cleanic™ Cleaning And Polishing In 1 Step


Cleanic™ Cleaning And Polishing In 1 Step


Cleanic™ Cleaning And Polishing In 1 Step







Traditional cleaning systems require at least 2 different grit pastes to be effective, often resulting in polishing being omitted in an effort to save time. The remaining unpolished surface, therefore, discolours over time and accumulates new plaque.

Cleanic is the unique one step prophy paste that:

Cleanic Cleaning Polishing

Converts from cleaning to polishing.

Cleanic: Natural Shade in 15 Seconds

Brings the tooth back to its natural shade in 15 seconds.

How does it do this?

Cleanic’s Patented Perlite Technology features integrated abrasion variability, allowing a one step prophy procedure.

In the first seconds, Cleanic behaves like a coarse paste: this is when its cleaning ability is in full force.

Under load and within seconds, the abrasive particles become rounded and less blunt. At this point, the paste becomes effective for high gloss polishing.

Cleanic Perlite Particle Behaviour


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