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Lip and cheek retractor

OptiView™ lip and cheek retractor available in two sizes: standard (white) and small (light blue).

OptiView™ is an innovative lip and cheek retractor that is designed to provide even retraction of lips and cheeks for great buccal and gingival access at the same time. Thanks to its anatomical shape, OptiView™ offers patient comfort even during longer dental treatments. The anatomical-shaped lip holders with opening for the frenulum guarantee wearer comfort. The lateral flaps gently hold the cheeks and faciliate removal of the product.

The application possibilities of OptiView™ are myriad and cover practically the entire dentistry spectrum:

  • For patients reacting with panic and claustrophobic symptoms under rubber dams
  • For those suffering from strong nausea
  • Easy control even for patients with strong lip pressure
  • In general for children, elderly and handicapped patients
  • Convenience offered while taking pictures
  • For bleaching procedures
  • For gluing of tooth jewellery/gems and brackets.

Frames and cushions are autoclavable at 134°C for at least 3 minutes.

The retraction of lips or cheeks with additional cumbersome instruments is no longer required.

Enjoy the unobstructed view

  • Superior, uniform perioral retraction. Maximises visibility and access to the working field.
  • Passive placement. Stable, flexible 3-dimensional design ensures quick and gentle placement and removal.
  • Enhanced patient comfort. Anatomical design ensures wearing comfort even during longer procedures and facilitates placement of the saliva ejector.

Recommended by Kerr

KaVo as a solution provider for prophylaxis supports your daily prophylaxis workflow from the beginning.
Kerr recommends the very reliable selection of KaVo polishing instruments.
The DURAtec polishing instrument supports your daily teeth cleaning.
The polishing instruments KaVo EXPERTmatic E31 C and KaVo INTRAmatic 31 ES fit all polishing systems and help your perfect finishig.
For air polishing Kerr recommends using the KaVo PROPHYflex 4.

OptiView™ Standard Kit

5500OptiView™ Standard Kit

OptiView Small Kit

5502OptiView Small Kit


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