Dental Instrument Reprocessing

Sterilization Pouches

PeelVue+ dental serilisation puches are the recommended packaging method for moist heat sterilising, sterile storage and presentation of instruments and accessories to the patient.

  • Patented internal multiparameter indicators and patented 'Closure Validators'.
  • 'Closure Validators' to create a proper seal, confirming the items inside will remain sterile once the sterilisation procedure is complete. PeelVue+ also works with Gravity Steam or Chemiclave sterilisers.
  • Easy to peel and seal application.
  • Lead-free inks on medical-grade, non-recycled paper.

The PeelVue+ product line carries 12 different sizes for every sterilisation need. Each pouch size corresponds to a colour, making it easy to order and grab the right size needed.

PeelVue+ follows the German RKI guidelines and is CE marked (MDD 94/42 EEC) (MDD 93/42 EEC). It meets the CDC Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilisation in Healthcare Facilities recommendations and ISO 11607.

PeelVue+ sterilisation pouches do not meet the definition of a hazardous waste (40 CFR 261.241; tested using the TCLP, EPA Publication SW–846) and can be discarded in unregulated trash.

User Notes:

1. Position away from the chamber walls and floor of the steriliser.

2. Process up to 135°C in a moist heat autoclave or chemiclave.

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Case of 10 boxes X 200 pouches

31620Suggested for Implants, Rubber Dam ClampsExternal size: 90x135 Internal (effective) size: 70x80
31621Suggested for Handpieces, Hand InstrumentsExternal size: 70x230 Internal (effective) size: 50x170
31622Suggested for Handpieces, Hand InstrumentsExternal size: 90x230 mm Internal (effective) size: 65x170 mm
31623Suggested for BursExternal size: 55x100 mm Internal (effective) size: 35x50 mm
31624Suggested for Impression Trays, Bur BlocksExternal size: 135x165 mm Internal (effective) size: 115x110 mm
31626Suggested for Long Hand InstrumentsExternal size: 85x305 mm Internal (effective) size: 60x210 mm
31627Suggested for Surgical and Orthodontic InstrumentsExternal size: 110x305 mm Internal (effective) size: 85x210 mm
31629Suggested for Multiple InstrumentsExternal size: 135x305 mm Internal (effective) size: 110x210 mm

Case of 5 boxes X 200 pouches

31625Suggested for Multiple Instruments and CassettesExternal size: 215x380 mm Internal (effective) size: 195x290 mm
31628Suggested for Multiple Instruments, small cassettes
31628Suggested for Multiple Instruments, small cassettes
31653Suggested for Large cassettesExternal size: 265x405 mm Internal (effective) size: 245x325 mm

Protect what Matters


Instrument reprocessing is a delicate yet major focus for your practice.

Simple precautions - such as pre-soaking and using patented pouches - can go a long way in adding certainty to your reprocessing and sterilisation procedures.

How can you protect what matters?

PeelVue+™are smart sterilisation pouches that help you easily identify and store sterilised items.


Immediate identification

With a smooth design and rust-free stainless steel surface, handpieces are considerably easy to clean and suitable for automatic reprocessing.



Always safe

The patented closure validators in PeelVue give you a safe seal every time.




PeelVue meet the CDC guidelines for disinfection and sterilisation in healthcare facilities.