Identoflex™ Diamond Ceramic Polishers

Finishing and Polishing

Twin-zone diamond polishers for treating ceramics at the chairside.

  • Identoflex Diamond Ceramic Polishers have been developed for polishing ceramics chairside.
  • Twin-zone technology takes account of typical wear patterns and allows savings of diamond grit.
  • Only the active zone is impregnated with diamond grit; the normally unused areas are left plain.
  • Optimal price-to-performance ratio.
  • The active zone is easily identifiable due to colour-coding.
  • Thanks to the high polishing power of diamond, lower revs can be used. Overheating of teeth, which can cause harm to the pulp and filling materials, is thus avoided.
Head Shape
Shank Type

Clinical images


Cup: For polishing convex surfaces and fissures, thanks to the fine edge also interdental areas and along the line-angle


Flame/Minipoint: For polishing concave surfaces, especially occlusal ones


Identoflex Chairside Twin-Zone Diamond Polishers


Disc: For polishing convex surfaces, especially smooth areas in front teeth


Identoflex Chairside Twin-Zone Diamond Polishers


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