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Dr. Arvind Sharma

Tips & Tricks for a Predictable Root Canal Treatment. Presented by Dr Arvind Sharma

- 7 Jun 2024
This course is designed for general dentists and endodontists who wish to provide excellent endodontic care for their patients through advanced ultrasonics, the latest in rotary and reciprocation instrumentation and continuous wave obturation. This exciting multimedia program covers... Read More
Dr. Mohamed Jamal DDS, CAGS, MSD, DScD, FRCD(C)

Digital tools to manage complex endodontic cases

- 7 Jun 2024
Recent advances in diagnostic and digital assisted tools (such as CBCT, micro-CT, Nano CT, 3D rendering, and printing), are allowing clinicians to make informed decisions to plan and manage complex endodontic cases such as teeth with complex root canal anatomy, separated instrument, pulp canal... Read More
Kerr Endodontics Dream Tour

Kerr Endodontics Dream Tour

Course Hands-on
- 8 Jun 2024
Bolzano, BZ

09:00 Registrazione partecipanti
09:15 Parte Teorica
Creazione del sentiero di scorrimento (Glide Path) con gli strumenti
presagomatori Traverse
Sagomatura dei canali radicolari con i nuovi strumenti ZenFlex
10:30 Coffèe break offerto da Kerr
11... Read More
lek.dent. Magdalena Wlazło-Tusk

Endodoncja mikroskopowa bez tajemnic. Przekrojowy kurs I stopnia

Wykład i warsztat praktyczny
- 14 - 15 Jun 2024
Intensywny kurs praktyczny zapewniający pełne zrozumienie endodoncji przy użyciu mikroskopu, przeznaczony dla początkujących. Podczas kursu uczestnicy zdobędą kompleksową wiedzę i umiejętności potrzebne do skutecznego wykonywania zabiegów endodontycznych przy użyciu mikroskopu stomatologicznego.... Read More
Dr. Sanja Štefančić, DMD, MSc, PhD

Strategies and technique for achieving aesthetic results in Diastema closure

- 30 Aug 2024
In the evolving field of aesthetic dentistry, the precise artistry of diastema closure through direct composite bonding has gained prominence. This discussion explores intricate strategies, emphasizing direct composite use for visually pleasing diastema closure. Success hinges on a personalized... Read More
Prof. Joseph Sabbagh DDS, MSc, PhD, HDR, FICD
Dr. Agne Malisauskiene, DMD

A comprehensive course on Biomimetic Direct restoration for anterior and posterior teeth

Hands on
- 13 - 14 Sep 2024
Be a part of our transformative two-day hands-on course, where we explore the cutting-edge world of biomimetic direct restoration for both anterior and posterior teeth. Engage in enlightening lectures led by experts, uncovering biomimetic principles, techniques, and the latest advancements. The... Read More
Adj.Prof. Phillipe Sleiman
Dr.Jordi Manauta
Dr. Tracey Lennemann

Dental Innovation Symposium

- 20 Sep 2024
Sutton Coldfield
Join us at the Dental Innovation Symposium for a full day of hands-on sessions and lectures designed to elevate your dentistry innovation journey. With three tracks led by renowned speakers, including restorative and endodontic workshops, modern hygiene methods, and inclusive amenities, this... Read More
Dr. Ajay Juneja, B.D.S, M.D.S.

Ceramic veneers: protocol for minimal preparation and predictable bonding

- 20 Sep 2024
Since centuries there has been a desire to look better and nicer. We all know that the smile is the biggest contrast on the human face and that makes it even more important to harmonize with the face. Though there is a never ending marketing machine to have whiter teeth and brighter teeth, but we... Read More
MDDr. Jakub Váša

Opracování a plnění kořenových kanálků od A do Z

11 Oct 2024 Praha 3
CE Credits: 5 CEU
Během kurzu projdeme mechanicko-chemické opracování kořenového systému se zaměřením na praktické tipy do praxe pro co největší úspěšnost ošetření. Příprava na plnění, indikace a podrobné probrání plnění vertikální kondenzací, biokeramikou a MTA. Vyzkoušíte si práci s novým bezdrátovým motorem... Read More
Dr. Agne Malisauskiene, DMD

Easy steps for polishing your composites

- 11 Oct 2024
This webinar will provide a comprehensive exploration of the step-by-step sequence in composite polishing. Delving into the realm of anterior restorations, the session will cover a spectrum of cases, including small class III and large class IV restorations, as well as composite veneer finishing... Read More