NX3 Nexus™ Third Generation

Permanent Dental Cements and Liners

Universal Adhesive Resin Dental Cement NX3

Universally indicated for all indirect applications, NX3 is a permanent resin cement system with an innovative chemistry for unmatched aesthetics, adhesion and versatility. Delivery system choices include an automix syringe for dual-cure indications and a light-cure cement for multiple units where unlimited work time is needed. The automixing dual-cure cement can be used for all indirect applications, including veneers. With Kerr’s proprietary amine-free initiator system and optimised resin matrix, NX3 is a truly colour-stable adhesive resin cement.

Features include:

  • Dual-cure automix syringe eliminates hand mixing
  • Cement for veneers and indications requiring unlimited work time
  • Excellent adhesion to dentine, enamel, CAD/CAM blocks, ceramic, porcelain, resin and metal
  • Self-etch or total-etch
  • Superior colour stability for long-term aesthetics whether dual-cure or light-cure
  • Easy clean-up in gel state.
Award Description

Dental Advisor 2017 - Award

The Dental Advisor 2018 – Preferred Product – Aesthetic Resin Cement



33642NX3 intro kit
33653NX3 trial kit
33682NX3 light-cure kit

Refill Pack

33643Automix dual-cure syringe (clear), 5g
33644Automix dual-cure syringe (white), 5g
33645Automix dual-cure syringe (yellow), 5g
33646Automix dual-cure syringe (bleach), 5g
33647Automix dual-cure syringe (white opaque), 5g
33648Light-cure syringe (clear), 1.8g
33649Light-cure syringe (white), 1.8g
33650Light-cure syringe (yellow), 1.8g
33651Light-cure syringe (bleach), 1.8g
33652Light-cure syringe (white opaque), 1.8g
3365550 x automix tips
33656Try-in gel (clear), 3g
33657Try-in gel (white), 3g
33658Try-in gel (yellow), 3g
33659Try-in gel (bleach), 3g
33660Try-in gel (white opaque), 3g

NX3 and OptiBond XTR

Oustanding versatility, even in total dark-cure mode

  • Higher compatibility with different dental substrates
  • Higher bond strength in total dark-cure scenario on dentine
  • Amine-free formula for longer-lasting aesthetics results

Internal Kerr R&D testing.


Bond Strength on Different Dental Substrates in Total Dark-cure Scenario

The compatibility of NX3 and OptiBond XTR delivers superior indirect bond strenghth versus two other cementation system in total dark-cure mode.



Study conducted by Dr. Carlos Munoz, State University of New York, Buffalo.


Bond Strength on Dentine in Total Dark-cure Scenario

The compatibility of NX3 and OptiBond XTR eliminates the need to light cure the adhesive, resulting in virtually no film thickness, fewer seating issues and imperceptible margins*

*Light curing of NX3 is recommended. OptiBond XTR in combination with NX3 does not require to be light-cured.



Internal Kerr R&D testing..


Superior Aesthetics

NX3 non-BPO catalyst paste minimizes colour shift that typically occurs during cement storage.

NX3 amine-free initiator system significantly improves colour stability for longer-lasting aesthetic restorations.



Why is it ideal for aesthetic restorations?

NX3 universal resin cement assures high translucency and great long term colour stability, rendering it ideal for your aesthetic indirect restorations.


These features, combined with unlimited working time, give you great results especially when cementing veneers. For this procedure, choose NX3 Light Cure for the highest aesthetic impact.


How does it do this?

In traditional dual-cure cements, the BPO contained in the catalyst paste can be unstable and instigate colour shift inside the syringe. The tertiary amine base reacts with the catalyst to cause further colour instability after curing.


The NX3 dual-cure, self-cure initiator system does not contain tertiary amines or BPO, resulting in higher colour stability both in the syringe and after curing.


The perfect bond

When used together, OptiBond™ XTR and NX3 combine the clarity of one, standardised process for all your indirect procedures, with outstanding aesthetic results even in total dark cure.

OptiBond XTR and NX3: Perfect Bond

This means you can reduce your inventory and simplify your procedure, with just two products.

OptiBond XTR and NX3: Excellence Procedures

Clinical images


NX3 is a universal adhesive resin cement system available in both a dual-cure and a light-cure version


NX3 is a universal adhesive resin cement system available in both a dual-cure and a light-cure version


NX3 is a universal adhesive resin cement system available in both a dual-cure and a light-cure version.


NX3 is a universal adhesive resin cement system available in both a dual-cure and a light-cure version.


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