elements™ e-motion

Endodontic Shaping

Endodontic motor with Adaptive Motion

The KaVo Kerr elements e-motion provides efficiency and safety. The improved Adaptive Motion offers higher cutting efficiency and the maximal torque limitation provides a better ability to resist breakage or deformation of the file.

KaVo Kerr elements e-motion was completely designed and manufactured in Germany and has a stainless steel handpiece powered by KaVo. It is intuitive to use, due to a user-friendly, coloured touchscreen and an interface that allows 5 fully customisable presets with up to 10 file options each.

  • The file system has more than 190 preset files
  • Ease of adding new files, customising names, sizes, rpm and torque
  • 4 mounting options for handpiece holder
  • System includes controller, motor and 8 : 1 handpiece. System speed 20–2.500 rpm and torque 0.1–6.0 Ncm
  • 12-month warranty


Features of elements™ e-motion


Streamlined Workflow

The intuitive, full-colour touchscreen allows easy access to your preferred presets. Customise your preset with 24 file systems in the database.


Smart Technology

Smart algorithm enables higher cutting efficiency and greater protection against breakage and deformation.


Better Visibility and Access

Smaller head for better visibility and easier posterior access.


Ergonomic Design

Whether you’re right-handed or lefthanded, elements e-motion includes 4 handpiece mounting options to meet your needs.

TF Adaptive™ files

TF Adaptive™ files


Simplicity is made by one TF Adaptive™ file

TF Adaptive™ files are the only endodontic files that are twisted, rather than ground, into their shape. Twisting helps preserve grain structure and reduces formation of microfractures, making the file even more durable.

Designed with R-Phase technology, helps maximize flexibility and resistance to breakage.

Reduced complexity and cost
Due to the simplified protocol, on the majority of cases working with just the primary shaping file TF Adaptive™ ML1 eliminates the decision to choose between different files series. **

** This file sequence is strictly validated for use in conjunction with the elements™ e-motion dental motor.


Elements e-motion is a state-of-the art device. Very light, very modern and user friendly. Miniature contra-angle head allows for easy access and excellent visibility. Touch interface enables selecting the sequence of the files and both torque and rotation speed very fast. The cord is very well protected and easy to handle. The adaptive motion seems to be smoother and more predictable. I really enjoy working with elements e-motion, it makes me work even faster and forget about file separation.
Dr. Urszula Leończak, private practice, Warsaw, Poland
The new Elements E-motion represents the state of the art of NiTi rotary files motor. Continuous rotation, torque control, reciprocation and adaptive motion at your fingertips. Ergonomic, multifunctional and extremely smooth in action makes your instrumentation easy, safe and enjoyable as never before. Welcome to the new school.
Dr. Francesco Maggiore, private practice, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Generally speaking, elements e-motion is a good product, very easy to work with (everything is intuitive). The display looks nice, the information is very well structured, also the pictograms and text look perfect. The touchscreen works very nice in any conditions: with or without gloves, with powdered/non-powdered gloves and with both latex and nitryl gloves. I even tested it with wet gloves and it is stillworking. It seems robust, so you feel comfortable working with it. The working part's weight is not so big, so you can handle it easily while working inside the root canal.
Dr. Liviu Daniel Căminescu, private practice, Bucharest, Romania
First impression is that it is premium product. Happy to see the "Made in Germany" inscription both on the motor and the handpiece. The assembly was fast and very intuitive, cables are easy to connect. The handpiece and the electrical motor have a small weight and an ergonomic design which results in a perfect balanced working position of the hand, easy to clean. The surface seems to be scratch resistant, so the handpiece will have a fresh look for a long time (very important in my opinion as the patient will see the handpiece from a very short distance). The light cable is also contributing to an ergonomic working position. I enjoy the small headed handpiece which improves visibility and control. Regarding the unit, it is much smaller than the old one, easier to operate via the touch screen, so easy to clean between patients. I also liked the fact that there is no on/off button, so it is an energy saving device. The number of customizable programs is impressive. I like the fact that the position of the base plate and the instrument tray can be operated fast. The new Kavo Kerr endodontic motor has perfectly balanced handpiece with a small head which improves access and visibility while working. The unit was easy to operate via the touch screen and I liked the big number of customizable programs. This new motor works faster, and the transition between continuous rotation and adaptive motion is smoother.
Dr. Bogdan Daraban, private practice, Bacau, Romania
Elements E-motion is the only device that makes it possible to change between rotary and reciprocating movement of the file during preparation of every single root canal. Thanks to it I can work with rotary movement of an endodontic file most of the time, and use reciprocating movement only when it is needed, when file is struggling to work in a narrow canal. Sequence of files used for preparation is much simpler, as this endomotor allows each file to work in two modes, so it is like using two different files while still using one. Preparation of root canal with E-motion and adaptive technique has never been easier. The micromotor itself is produced by KaVo company so it has an ultimate quality and works precisely, thus ensuring very smooth and reliable movement of an endodontic file in a canal. This allows to feel every moment of changing load on the file in the canal almost that precise like I was holding it in my hand. The program list is long, allowing not only to create my own file sequence but also my own file systems sequence and adjust it to different canals. It is very easy to change it as it can be done with one movement of finger on a touchscreen. Ergonomics of E-motion is perfect, it even allows to put a handpiece in different positions on a holder, so dentist can adjust it to her or his way of working.
Maciej Mikołajczyk, PhD, private practice, Łódź, Poland


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