Galetti™ Articulator

Dental Lab Equipment

Plasterless, fixed plane articulator

Galetti Articulator

61332Galetti ArticulatorThe worlds finest plasterless, fixed plane articulator. Simple to use with easy adjustments.

Galetti Articulator Spare Parts (See Diagram Below)

60479 EAdjusting screw no. 21
60480 ELocking device no. 23
60481Tension bolt no. 3
60484Movable later claw bolt no. 2
60487Adjusting bolt no. 4
60488Knurled lock nut no. 5
60489Knurled nut no. 6
60492Later claw bolt no. 1
60494Bolt for wing nut no. 15
60495Ball shaft no. 25
60496Tension spindle no. 9