OptiBond™ FL

Bonding Agents

Filled, Light-Cure Total-Etch Dental Adhesive

From its launch in 1995, OptiBond™ FL established the standard in adhesive technology. For over 15 years it has been successful worldwide, proven in long-term clinical studies and recommended as the gold standard by leading dental universities worldwide. OptiBond™ FL total-etch, two-component dental adhesive features:

  • Unique structural bond with 48% filler load
  • Efficient application flow – one-coat primer, one-coat adhesive, one light curing; wet or dry preparations
  • High radiopacity, making X-ray detection easy
  • Availability in bottle and Unidose™ delivery
  • Proven long-term performance.


Award Description

Dental Advisor 2017 - Award

The Dental Advisor 2018 – Award Winner – Bonding Agent: Total Etch


26684 EOptiBond™ FL kitContents: 1 x 8ml OptiBond™ FL prime bottle; 1 x 8ml OptiBond™ FL adhesive bottle; 1 x 3g syringe gel etchant; 10 x disposable gel etchant syringe tip; 25 x disposable mixing wells; 50 x disposable applicator tips OptiBond™ FL refill packs

Refill Pack

25881 EOptiBond™ FL primer (8ml bottle)
25882 EOptiBond™ FL adhesive (8ml bottle)

Bulk Pack

33352 EOptiBond™ FL Unidose™ – bulk packContents: 50 x foil packs (1 pouch includes 1 x primer Unidose™, 1 x adhesive Unidose™, 1 applicator tip)

Clinical images


OptiBond™ FL OptiBond™ FL is a total-etch, two-component dental adhesive.


OptiBond FL represents the golden standard in bond strength and is the only 3-step etch-and-rinse adhesive with a filled adhesive resin. It's ideal for immediate dentin sealing of inlays, onlays, veneers and crown preparations. OptiBond FL is also a proven adhesive for the direct technique. Not to mention the long-term track record.…
Pascal Magne, Ph.D., Dr. Med. Dent.
OptiBond FL is performing at a near-perfect retention rate. I have yet seen an adhesive that performs better.
Dr. Alan Boghosian


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