Hawe™ Finishing and Polishing Strips

Finishing and Polishing

The abrasive strips are made of flexible polyester and firmly coated with aluminium oxide particles. They are available in two widths and four colour-coded grit sizes.


295Hawe finishing and Polishing Strips Assorted Kit

Refill pack-100

290Strips, Coarse/Medium, 1.9mm
291Strips, Fine/Extra-fine, 1.9mm
292Strips, Coarse/Medium, 3.9mm
293Strips, Fine/Extra-fine, 3.9mm

Clinical images


White/blue:For contouring and finishing interdental surfaces


The strips have an uncoated “window”to protect the contact while being introduced into the interdental space.


Yellow/pink:For pre- and gloss polishing of interdental surfaces