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X-ray Holders

Super-Bite™ is a film and phosphor plate holder indicated for periapical radiographs of anterior and posterior teeth. The system includes two types of holder – anterior (green) and posterior (red) – for use in all four quadrants. The Super-Bite X-ray holder is intended for a wide variety of film and phosphor plates thicknesses, in order to guarantee the best possible grip.
It is autoclavable at 134°C for at least 3 minutes.

Super-Bite™ with ring is also suitable for indirect digital systems. It is compatible with all major brands of phosphor plate sensors.

Super-Bite™ with Ring Assorted Kit

1020Super-Bite™ with Ring Assorted KitContents: 2 x Super-Bite™ Anterior; 2 x Super-Bite™ Posterior; 2 x Centring Devices

Super-Bite™ with Index Assorted Kit

670Super-Bite™ with Index Assorted KitContents: 4 x Super-Bite™ Anterior; 4 x Super-Bite™ Posterior; 8 x Index

Super-Bite™ with Index Refill Packs

671Super-Bite™ with Index Refill PacksContents: 8 x Super-Bite™ Anterior; 8 x Index
672Super-Bite™ with Index Refill PacksContents: 8 x Super-Bite™ Posterior; 8 x Index


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