Our Company

Our Company

How We Started

Kerr Dental wasn’t always a dental corporation; brothers Robert and John Kerr founded our company in the USA in 1891 under the name ‘’The Detroit Dental Manufacturing Company’’. It began exporting products to Europe as early as 1893. The company name changed to The KERR Manufacturing Company in 1939. 

Kerr began expanding its dental product range by developing cutting-edge dental technologies and acquiring other dental companies, including Demetron, the US manufacturer of curing lights, in 1993.  It also acquired Hawe Neos in 2011, a Swiss manufacturer of preventive articles and accessories for filling materials. In 2003, Kerr acquired the Czech company Spofa Dental and the US company Pentron Clinical in 2010.

Our Dental Company Today

Kerr is a global leader and manufacturer of all aspects of modern restorative dentistry today. Our field service collaborates with a network of exclusive stockists to provide technical training and support, strengthening our position as a world market leader. Our efforts have been critical in advancing aesthetic dentistry through education and sustainable solutions. The Kerr name has now become synonymous with integrity among dentists globally. 


Kerr Dental is an operating company of Envista Holdings Corporation. Envista is a global family of more than 30 trusted dental brands worldwide. If you’re interested in new dental technology, schedule a demo today to see how Kerr Dental products can simplify your procedures and improve patient outcomes. 

Our Product Range

While we began as a small dental company, our dental corporation today boasts various innovative products, and our product ranges include:

North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa headquarters


Worldwide/North America Headquarters:

200 S Kraemer Blvd building E,

Brea, CA 92821



Europe, Middle East, and Africa Headquarters:

Balz Zimmermann-Strasse 7

CH-8302 Kloten



EMEA General Customer Service:

Phone: 00800 30 32 30 32

Email: CustomerService-EMEA@kerrdental.com

Manufacturing Units

Manufacturing plants are in Orange, Morrisburg, Canada, USA; Mexicali, Mexico; Merida, Mexico; Scafati, Italy; and Jicin, Czech Republic.