New universal dental bonding agent joins the OptiBond family of solutions.

Released at - March 27, 2018

OptiBond™ Universal bonding agent combines the reliability of patented OptiBond GPDM technology with the ease of use of a Universal solution.

Kerr Dental is proud to introduce OptiBond™ Universal: a one bottle, one step, Universal dental bonding agent with Self-Etch, Selective Etch and Total-Etch indications. The solution will provide excellent bond strength to all surfaces and substrates for both indirect and direct restorations.

How does it work? OptiBond Universal combines the reliability of the patented OptiBond GPDM technology with the ease-of-use of a Universal solution. The proven OptiBond GPDM Monomer ensures effective and reliable adhesion to both the tooth structure and the resin material, thanks to the presence of both acid phosphate group and more methacrylate functional groups. Moreover, the exclusive Ternary Solvent System composed of water, acetone and ethanol delivers excellent penetration into dentinal tubules, ensuring extraordinary bond strength and protection against microleakage and post-op sensitivity, with an application time of 30 seconds. Its unique nanoetching capability delivers more effective enamel etching than other single-component adhesives, creating a deeper etched surface for higher mechanical retention, and therefore higher bond strength.

"As Kerr employees, we are very committed to deliver reliable products that can ensure the best clinical outcome for our patients. At the same time, we are committed to the best customer experience for dentists with a strong focus on ease of use" said Mattia Marelli, Sr. Global Product Manager of KaVo Kerr.

"With OptiBond Universal both the patient and the dentist will win; we are really looking forward to letting more customers experience this extraordinary product".

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