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3D Rubber Dental Dam

OptiDam™ is the first rubber dam with a 3-dimensional shape and nipple design, for a practical and easy application. The dental dam, combined with its dedicated anatomical frame, matches the contours of the mouth, giving you perfect visibility and accessibility to the treatment area. It does all this while ensuring your patient is comfortable throughout the procedure.

Quick to mount and your patients won’t even know it’s there!


5200OptiDam™ Posterior Intro Kit
5203OptiDam™ Anterior Intro Kit

Refill Pack

5201Refill OptiDam™ Posterior
5202Refill Framw OptiDam™
5204Refill OptiDam™ Anterior
5205Refill OptiDam™ Posterior
5206Refill OptiDam™ Anterior

Clinical images


1.Insert OptiDam Anterior by orienting “+” in maxillary position and “-” in mandibular position. Use the “+” and the “-” as a guide to centre the dam at the midline.


2.Use dental floss to push the dam through the mesial contact.Starting with the central incisors.


3.Slip the rubber dam over the remaining teeth to be isolated.


1.Position the clamp with OptiDam Posterior in one step.


2.Place the rubber dam behind the wings of the clamp.


3.Slip the rubber dam over the remaining teeth to be isolated.


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