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Universal Matrix Tensioning System

Accurately shaped for the macro area, the SuperMat™ universal dental matrix tensioning system is ideal for both transparent or steel posterior matrices. The system aims to achieve a fast, easy and standardised application. Its thin and unique Adapt SuperCap ring matrices have been specifically designed, based on statistical data, to better adapt to the anatomy of the teeth.  

SuperCap are available in two band heights with a single shape for molars and premolars, and in steel or transparent plastic. 

You can also add the SuperCap spool to a selection of Kerr’s matrices to adapt them and use them with the SuperMat system. 



2150SuperMat™ assorted kitContents: 1 x SuperLock™ tensioning instrument; 14 x Adapt™ SuperCap™ matrices in steel assorted; 6 x Adapt™ SuperCap™ matrices, transparent assorted

Refill Pack-50

2161Adapt™ SuperCap™ matrices in steel – 0.030, 5.0mm high
2162Adapt™ SuperCap™ matrices in steel – 0.030, 6.3mm high
2171Adapt™ SuperCap™ matrices in steel – 0.050, 5.0mm high
2172Adapt™ SuperCap™ matrices in steel – 0.050, 6.3mm high
2181Adapt™ SuperCap™ matrices in steel – 0.038, 5.0mm high
2182Adapt™ SuperCap™ matrices in steel – 0.038, 6.3mm high

Spools Refill Packs

2010100 x SuperCap™ spools – 5.6mm
2015100 x SuperCap™ spools – 6.7mm
2020500 x SuperCap™ spools – 5.6mm
2025500 x SuperCap™ spools – 6.7mm

Adapt SuperCap Matrices

2161 5.00 mm high  2182 6.3 mm high  2181 5.0 mm high 2162 6.3 mm high 2171 5.0 mm high 2172 6.3 mm high