• Gutta-Percha
  • Gutta-Percha


Endodontic Obturation / Fill

TF gutta-percha and paper points (pre-sterilised) are fabricated specifically for use with the TF rotating NiTi files.

Tip Snip

Using a measurement dial, the Tip Snip™ cuts gutta-percha to the ISO size needed.

K3 gutta-percha (50 pcs per pack)

825-0048K3 gutta-percha FederPunta/.06
825-0600K3 gutta-percha 20-40 assort./.06
825-0620K3 gutta-percha 20/.06
825-0630K3 gutta-percha 30/.06
825-0635K3 gutta-percha 35/.06
825-0640K3 gutta-percha 40/.06
825-0645K3 gutta-percha 45/.06

Autofit gutta-percha (50 pcs per pack)

972-0100TAPER 06-12
972-0101TAPER 04
972-0102TAPER 06
972-0103TAPER 08
972-0104TAPER 10
972-0105TAPER 12L
972-0107TAPER 12S

TF-gutta-percha (Pack of 50)

822-0010TF-gutta-percha 25/.04-.12 assort.
822-0020TF-gutta-percha 25/.04-.12 assort.
822-0425TF-gutta-percha 25/.04
822-0440TF-gutta-percha 40/.04
822-0450TF-gutta-percha 50/.04
822-0625TF-gutta-percha 25/.06
822-0630TF-gutta-percha (Pack of 50)
822-0635TF-gutta-percha 35/.06
822-0825TF-gutta-percha 25/.08
822-1025TF-gutta-percha 25/.10
822-1225TF-gutta-percha 25/.12

TF-Paper points (Pack of 50)

822-0000TF-Paper points Taper .04-.12 assort.
822-0001TF-Paper points Taper .10
822-0002TF-Paper points Taper .12
822-0004TF-Paper points Taper .04
822-0006TF-Paper points Taper .06
822-0008TF-Paper points Taper .08

Tip Snip

815-9042Tip Snip


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GUTTA PERCHA (Germany/German) SDS
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GUTTA PERCHA (United Kingdom/English (UK)) SDS
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