Special tips


ST -This tip is used to remove cement or calculus. The ST-1 is similar to the CT-4, except it is curved is such a way as to achieve better access in difficult-to-reach tooth structures.

VT - The attachment was developed to loosen root canal posts as well as crowns or bridges, or for placing crowns.

CK - The Carr-Kanter back-action ultrasonic tip is ideal for performing difficult work, i.e. the preparation of MB-2 canals.

Specialty Tips

973-0031File Adapter
973-0061Ultrasonic Tip CK
973-0069Ultrasonic Tip VT
973-0074Ultrasonic Tip ST
973-1040REDSTAR-1 Spreader Tip
973-1041REDSTAR-2 Planning Tip
973-1060CK Carr-Kanter Back-Action Tip