Suprastone Ultra Hard™ Die Stone

Dental Gypsum Products

Type 4

Suprastone Ultra Hard Die Stone is formulated for the fabrication of exceptionally hard and smooth dies/models, combining excellent physical properties with easy handling.

  • Low setting expansion.
  • Exact reproduction of details.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Variable water/powder ratio.
  • Pastel colour shade for easy readability.
  • Compatible with all impression materials, including hydrocolloids.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance with no chipping.
  • Resistance against thermal shock.
  • Easy elimination of air bubbles during mixing.
  • Produced from natural rock.

Suprastone Green

60606 E6 kg
60607 E25 kg

Suprastone Yellow

626006 kg
6260125 kg

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Suprastone Ultra Hard Die Stone For The Fabrication Of Hard And Smooth Dies/Models


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