TAB 2000™


Self-Curing Acrylic Resin for temporary crowns, bridges preparation and their repairs


TAB 2000* is auto-cured acrylic material for temporary crowns, bridges and splints. It is characterized by high resistance to wear in the mouth and is particularly suitable for multiple unit bridges. It is shiny and smooth after polishing.

*The speed with which TAB 2000 Sets depends upon room temperature. The warmer it is the faster TAB 2000 will set.

TAB 2000 is available as a two–component system: 50g of powder and 50ml of liquid.
The powder is offered in three shades: Light, Medium, Yellow.
The liquid is offered in two types (Regular Set and Fast Set), that provide two setting options for the mixed TAB 2000
TAB 2000 Intro Pack Kit consists of all available powder shades and liquid types.

Tab 2000 Intro Pack

61770Tab 2000 Intro Pack3 x 30 g Powder, light, medium and Yellow, 2 x 30 ml Liquid, Fast and Regular Set

Tab 2000 Refills

61771Powder only - Light50 g
61772Powder only - Medium50g
61773Powder only - Yellow50 g
61774Liquid only - Regular Set50 ml
61775Liquid only - Fast Set50 ml