Dr. Sanja Štefančić, DMD, MSc, PhD
30 Aug 2024
14:00 - 15:00 Central Europe Time
Czech Republic

Strategies and technique for achieving aesthetic results in Diastema closure

In the evolving field of aesthetic dentistry, the precise artistry of diastema closure through direct composite bonding has gained prominence. This discussion explores intricate strategies, emphasizing direct composite use for visually pleasing diastema closure. Success hinges on a personalized strategy, from shade matching to understanding tooth morphology. Direct composite bonding integrates seamlessly, enabling clinicians to sculpt natural-looking teeth. The lecture delves into hands-on insights, presenting case studies showcasing direct composite's transformative impact on diastema closure. By the presentation's end, dental professionals gain a comprehensive understanding, enhancing their proficiency in achieving aesthetic excellence through direct composite in diastema closure for improved patient outcomes.

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