Endodontic Obturation / Fill

Cordless Continuous Wave Obturation

The elementsfree warm obturation system has all the great benefits of the original Elements System, plus it is cordless!

  • Swiss motor and gear drive for high level performance
  • Motorised extrusion for less hand fatigue
  • Single-use cartridges with built-in finger grips for ease of use
  • Aerogel insulation surrounds the heating element for your comfort and your patient’s safety
  • Innovative, highly durable Gutta-Percha Cartridges


  • Predictable results: high quality 3D fill
  • Ease of use: motor driven extruder for better control and tactile feel
  • Intuitive: easy set up, friendly handling, full control for safe results
  • Durable cartridge needle can be pre-bent to fit patient’s canal anatomy
Award Description


Winner of the Innovative Product 2016 award at the Prémios Saúde Oral

Dental Advisor 2017 - Award

The Dental Advisor 2017 - Award Winner - Endodontic Obturation System

Dental Advisor 2017 - Award

The Dental Advisor 2018 – Award Winner – Endodontic Obturation System


973-0500-TypeFelementsfree System Type F with Dual Charging Base (EU)
973-0502-TypeFelementsfree Downpack Type F with Single Charging Base (EU)
973-0504-TypeFelementsfree Backfill Type F with Single Charging Base (EU)


973-0500-TypeGelementsfree System Type G with Dual Charging Base (UK)
973-0502-TypeGelementsfree Downpack Type G with Single Charging Base (UK)
973-0504-TypeGelementsfree Backfill Type G with Single Charging Base (UK)

Replacements parts

973-0337Elements Cartridge Bender Tool
973-0515elementsfree Transformer
973-0516-TypeFelementsfree Cord Type F (EU)
973-0516-TypeGelementsfree Cord Type G (UK)
973-0520elementsfree Battery


952-0017System B Tip Stand
972-1002Elements Gutta Percha Cartridge 23GA - Pack 10
972-1003Elements Gutta Percha Cartridge 25GA - Pack 10
972-1005Elements Gutta Percha Cartridge Heavy 23GA - Pack 10
973-0510elementsfree Dual Charging Base
973-0512elementsfree Single Charging Base


952-0003Buchanan Plugger (XF, F, FM, M, ML) 5 Per Pack
952-0004Fine, 0,06 Plugger
952-0005Fine-Medium, 0,08 Plugger
952-0006Medium, 0,10 Plugger
952-0007Medium-Large, 0,12 Plugger
952-0031Extra-Fine, 0,04 Plugger

Buchanan Hand Pluggers

974-0058Buchanan hand plugger, size #1
974-0059Buchanan hand plugger, size #2
974-0060Buchanan hand plugger, size #0

What is special




  • Downpack unit heats to 200°C in less than 0.5 seconds and with an adjustable heating range of 100°-400°C
  • 360° activation ring to improve your experience
  • Digital temperature control for procedural accuracy
  • Perfect for Continuous Wave™ and single motion downpack obturation


Innovative Elements Gutta-Percha Cartridges

  • Convenient Cartridge Delivery
  • Easy insertion and removal just with fingers: time saving
  • Highly durable needle can be pre-bent to fit the patient’s canal anatomy
  • Excellent heat conductivity: unique copper and gold plating
  • Optimal visibility of operative area: needle is 5mm longer and bendable


GuttaPerchaCartridges_S-shpaped GuttaPerchaCartridges_U-shpaped


Buchanan System B Heat Pluggers

Buchanan System B Heat Pluggers

  • High-quality pluggers with a shape that closely matches the final root canal preparation (bendable tip)
  • Accurate temperature tip’s release
  • Easy separation from condensed Gutta-Percha
  • Available individually or in a pre-packaged kit of five
  • Available in size .04. (40% smaller) wich allows access into the even smallest canals.



Simplified Procedures

Why does it simplify the dental procedure?

elements™free combines high quality fill with friendly handling, to achieve predictable results, in seconds:

  • Backfill and downpack units enable a truly 3D obturation in a faster and more comfortable way.
  • Optimal visibility and access to the working area.
  • Intuitive design and cordless technology to greatly simplify your operation.

How does it do this?

The downpack unit thoroughly obturates the apical third, while the backfill unit extrudes warm gutta-percha, resulting in a high quality 3D fill throughout the entire length of the canal.



The unit heats to 200°C in less than 0.5 seconds.

A digital temperature control ensures efficacy and safe results.




A 360° activation ring provides full tactile control for added ease of use in any clinical scenario.




A longer and bendable needle provides optimal access to the working area.




Motorised gutta-percha extrusion reduces hand fatigue and speeds up the filling of the entire canal in one step.


Case Report

Using elements™free for Retreatment Cases by Garry L. Bey, DDS

Continuous Wave and single motion downpack obturation can be provided through innovation. Based on the market leading Elements Obturation Unit, the cordless elementsfree obturation system provides freedom of movement while performing the warm vertical condensation technique.

Case Report by Garry Bey about elementsfree

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elements™free - Cordless Continuous Wave Obturation.


With over two years of using a warm vertical condensation technique for all root canal fillings, I have become very familiar with this technique. However, corded systems are difficult and sometimes challenging to move from one patient room to another. With the new “elementsfree” unit, these problems have been fixed. The system is light and by being cordless, the unit is easy to move. The activation button of the System-B downpack is not very intuitive, however the new unit has a 360° degree activation ring that is very intuitive to use. In addition, the equipment is user friendly even if you are using it for the first time. Moving the unit from one room to another is now quick and easy reducing the assistant’s set-up time. Today, there are no real reasons for not using warm vertical, condensation technique, only excuses and explanations.
I had the pleasure of trying the new obturation unit, elementsfree, from Kerr Endodontics. What I like the most is elementsfree’s ergonomics – light and easy to handle but the unit does not compromise in efficiency. The downpack achieves 200°C instantaneously, while the heating time of the backfill is at least the same speed as the wired system. And no cord ...what a joy! In brief, an obturation system well thought out and, above all, well made!
The first time I used the system I was impressed ....such a captivating design and such a highly performing device to achieve excellence in endodontic obturation.