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Seal-Tight™ Adapter

Dental Air/Water Syringe Tips

Easy-to-Mount Set of Autoclavable Adapters

Seal-Tight offers an easy-to-mount set of autoclavable adapters, custom designed to fit the respective syringe type, ensuring maximum compatibility with the original syringe.

Seal-Tight™ Adapter

PE77021/AA (for Adec styles syringes)(Includes: ADEC, Ampco, Aseptico, Beaverstate, Belmont, DentalEZ, Dentrex, Empire, Forest, Hampton, Healthco, MDT, Parkell, Robbins, Schein Euro-C, Scope, Unitek, Vacudent, Viking).
PE77022/MM (for «Engle/Marco» syringes)
PE77023/DD (DentalEZ)Adapter for «Dental-Ez» syringes (all syringes manufactured after Jan 1997 use 77021)
PE77024/P P (Standard Type Adapter – Screw-in)For DCI standard «Press Ring» syringes (must be used if the syringe was previously modified with another adapter). (Includes: KaVo, Pelton & Crane, Belmont, Biotec, DCI, Dentech, Marus, Planmeca, Proma)
PE77025/PP (Press Ring)For Quick Connect «Press Ring» syringes (can be used only if original press ring mechanism is intact).
PE77026/K Seal-Tight™ Adapter for KaVoair-water syringe 773.0500/773.0510
PE77027/LSeal-Tight™ Adapter for Luzzaniair-water syringe MINI Light
PE77028/S Seal-Tight™ Adapter for Sironaair-water syringe Sprayvit 4000
PE77030/S Seal-Tight™ Adapter Snap-on for Sironaair-water syringe Sprayvit L
PE77031/KSeal-Tight™ Adapter Snap-on for Kavoair-water syringe 773.000 L
PE77033/CSeal-Tight™ Adapter Snap-on for Cefla/Anthos(before 2013)/new Castellini/Stern Webber air-water syringe
PE77034/KSeal-Tight Adapter for Kavo air-water syringe E30(3-Way Hand piece One)


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