Harmonize™ nanohybrid universal dental composite: A collection of experiences

Released at - January 17, 2018

Finding a composite that can mimic every aspect of the natural tooth is a must, yet the selection of materials available often forces dentists to choose between handling, aesthetics and strength.

Professionals worldwide have already tested Harmonize in their practice and come to treasure its results.

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The booklet collects many of these experiences to demonstrate the product’s versatility and its success in giving both anterior and posterior restorations the aesthetic results they deserve. An in-vitro study completes this collection by providing the scientific evidence backing this innovative universal composite.

Designed to work with you

Building on a rich history of Kerr material knowledge, Harmonize nanohybrid universal composite is infused with the exclusive Adaptive Response Technology (ART).

Its innovative formula confers the material lifelike aesthetic qualities, noticeable the moment you extrude it. The same technology also leads to remarkable handling and strength that are comparable to those of a natural tooth.

  • Adaptive and realistic light reflection properties, for better blending and an enhanced chameleon effect;
  • Superior gloss retention and easier polishability;
  • Dynamic viscosity at each step, to give you complete control during positioning, shaping and carving;
  • Minimised stickiness and no slumping;
  • Better curing efficacy for a long-lasting performance.

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