Adapt Luciwedge™


The high-tech interdental wedge

Adapt Luciwedge is the highly adaptable solution to separate teeth for a treatment, and adapt and fix the dental matrix.
Features and benefits:

  • The light-reflecting power of this high tech interdental wedge is ideal for light-curing in approximal surfaces.
  • The soft, highly elastic sole of the interdental wedge allows a clean, continuous adaptation of the matrix along the entire cervical margin, while also being kind to the gingiva.
  • The hard, main body of the wedge ensures reliable separation during the filling phase. Its ability to bend axially means Adapt Luciwedge even adapts to concave zones and widening interdental areas.
  • The continuous pressure placed by the interdental wedge increases the matrix’s stability.



730Adapt Luciwedge Assorted KitContents: 40 Adapt Luciwedges ultra small, 40 Adapt Luciwedges small, 40 Adapt Luciwedges medium, 30 Adapt Luciwedges large


731Adapt Luciwedges smallPack of 100
732Adapt Luciwedges mediumPack of 100
733Adapt Luciwedges largePack of 100