Universal Composite with Adaptive Response Technology

Experience the next generation composite that elevates your artistry.

Harmonize™ begins with ART, Adaptive Response Technology, the nanoparticle filler system that makes achieving lifelike restorations easier than ever before. ART also enables better blending capabilities and enhanced structural integrity, providing your restorations with exceptional strength and unmatched aesthetics.


It is the ART in Harmonize that enables the seamless aesthetic qualities, remarkable handling, and strength comparable to a natural tooth.

  • Adaptive reflection to the light wavelength for an enhanced chameleon effect
  • Superior gloss retention and easier polishability
  • Adaptive viscosity for an easy shape of the composite and prevention of slumping
  • Minimised stickiness and simplified carving
  • Better curing efficacy for a long lasting performance
Award Description

Dental Advisor 2017 - Award

The Dental Advisor 2018 – Award Winner – Composite: Aesthetic






36633 Harmonize – Syringe Intro KitCONTENTS: 4x 4g Syringe (1x Dentine A3, 1x Dentine A3.5, 1x Enamel A2, 1x Enamel A3); Instructions for Use.
36634 Harmonize – Unidose Intro KitCONTENTS: 40x 0.25g Unidose (10x Dentine A3, 10x Dentine A3.5, 10x Enamel A2, 10x Enamel A3); Instructions for Use.
36635 Harmonize – Syringe Advanced KitCONTENTS: 8x 4g Syringe (1x Dentine A2, 1x Dentine A3, 1x Dentine A4, 1x Enamel A2, 1x Enamel A3, 1x Incisal Amber, 1x Incisal Clear, 1x Incisal Gray); Instructions for Use.

Body Syringe Refills

36536Dentine A21x 4g Syringe
36537Enamel A21x 4g Syringe
36538Incisal Translucent Amber1x 4g Syringe
36539Incisal Translucent SuperClear**3g syringe
36545Dentine A11x 4g Syringe
36546Dentine A31x 4g Syringe
36547Dentine A3.5 1x 4g Syringe
36548Dentine A41x 4g Syringe
36549Dentine B3 1x 4g Syringe
36550Dentine C41x 4g Syringe
36551Dentine XL21x 4g Syringe
36552Enamel A11x 4g Syringe
36553Enamel A31x 4g Syringe
36554Enamel A3.51x 4g Syringe
36555Enamel A4 1x 4g Syringe
36556Enamel B11x 4g Syringe
36557Enamel B21x 4g Syringe
36558Enamel B3 1x 4g Syringe
36559Enamel B4
36560Enamel C1 1x 4g Syringe
36561Enamel C21x 4g Syringe
36562Enamel C31x 4g Syringe
36563Enamel C41x 4g Syringe
36564Enamel D21x 4g Syringe
36565Enamel D31x 4g Syringe
36566Enamel D41x 4g Syringe
36567Enamel XL1x 4g Syringe
36568Incisal Translucent Blue 1x 4g Syringe
36569Incisal Translucent Clear 1x 4g Syringe
36570Incisal Translucent Gray1x 4g Syringe

Body Unidose Refills

36542Enamel A220x 0.25g Unidose
36543Incisal Translucent Amber20x 0.25g Unidose
36571Dentine A120x 0.25g Unidose
36572Dentine A220x 0.25g Unidose
36573Dentine A3
36574Dentine A3.5 20x 0.25g Unidose
36575Dentine A420x 0.25g Unidose
36576Dentine B320x 0.25g Unidose
36577Dentine C420x 0.25g Unidose
36578Dentine XL2
36579Enamel A120x 0.25g Unidose
36581Enamel A320x 0.25g Unidose
36582Enamel A3.520x 0.25g Unidose
36583Enamel A4 20x 0.25g Unidose
36584Enamel B1
36585Enamel B220x 0.25g Unidose
36586Enamel B320x 0.25g Unidose
36587Enamel B420x 0.25g Unidose
36588Enamel C120x 0.25g Unidose
36589Enamel C220x 0.25g Unidose
36590Enamel C320x 0.25g Unidose
36591Enamel C420x 0.25g Unidose
36592Enamel D220x 0.25g Unidose
36593Enamel D320x 0.25g Unidose
36594Enamel D420x 0.25g Unidose
36595Enamel XL 20x 0.25g Unidose
36597Incisal Translucent Blue20x 0.25g Unidose
36598Incisal Translucent Clear20x 0.25g Unidose
36599Incisal Translucent Gray20x 0.25g Unidose


Reinforced filler structure

Very small spherical Silica and Zirconia particles are linked together and fused in a reinforced structure.


This improves the interaction and crosslinking between the filler system and the resin matrix, resulting in more efficient polymerisation and higher strength.

Proven mechanical strength

Harmonize demonstrates superior strength when compared to other leading composites, also owing to its high filler loading.

Dynamic viscosity

The patented rehological modifier allows the composite to adapt to each procedural step:

  • Improved flowability while sculpting, making it easy to shape the composite.
  • Increased viscosity once sculpting is complete, preventing the material from slumping.

Spherical shape

The spherical shape of the ART filler system enables high loading (81%), minimising stickiness and simplifying carving.






Why is it ideal for aesthetic restorations?

Harmonize is the first composite able to diffuse and reflect light in a similar way to human enamel, leading to an enhanced chameleon effect for better blending.

In real conditions, the way teeth reflect light is determined by two factors:

  • The light wavelength
  • The surface morphology

Light does not reflect from tooth enamel in a uniform manner: lower wavelengths (blue light) are diffused and are scattered more. Higher wavelengths (such as red light) are more specular on collimated. In other words, when interacting with the tooth structure, the specular reflection is wavelength dependent.

To help blend into tooth structure, a composite material should emulate this characteristic of human enamel at different wavelengths.

Lower wavelengths (blue colour)

Harmonize: Diffuse Reflection

Diffuse reflection

Higher wavelengths (red colour)

Harmonize: Specular Reflection

Specular reflection


Harmonize recreates the reflective characteristics of a natural tooth, for an authentic light scattering effect.


How does it do this?

This highly aesthetic and natural result is possible thanks to the Adaptive Response Technology (ART).

Adaptive response technology


Kerr Restoratives Roundtable - Designing the future together
22 key opinion leaders from all over Europe brought together to fulfill the journey towards a new chapter in restorative dentistry.
“Copying nature” with a universal dental composite
Mimicking the natural tooth is a must for any anterior restoration, but the selection of materials available means you are often forced to choose between handling, aesthetics or strength. Harmonize universal dental composite features the exclusive ART (Adaptive Response Technology) that makes achieving strong and lifelike restorations easier than ever before.
Aesthetics made simple
Class IV restoration - Courtesy case by Dr. Di Napoli. Try Harmonize in combination with OptiBond Universal.


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